Black Lives Still Matter: an update

It’s been a month of challenge for the arts, as well as change and potential hope. Despite a reduced workforce, we wanted to check in and reassure you that we are taking steps towards action and change.

Our biggest piece of work has been  strengthening the ambition outlined in our Strategic Equality Plan; which you can read here.
The plan outlines our determination to reduce inequality in our organisation and social injustice in society, and it demands our on-going commitment to break down barriers.

In the last few weeks we have also taken personal and strategic learning through books, training and incredible new resources such as the Privilege Café which a number of our staff have become patrons of.

We are creating more opportunities for Black and Minority Ethnic artists, including through three new projects for independent artists working with us at NDCWales

We have committed money to the new Wales Race and Culture Taskforce to research, challenge and advise the Arts & Cultural sector in Wales on race.

We have sponsored Black and Minority Ethnic artists to be able to represent freelance dance artists in Wales on the Freelance Taskforce.

Longer term we’re investigating with trustees and partners as to how we can create lasting systemic change by creating new opportunities for Black and Minority Ethnic artists and arts workers to work at NDCWales.

We do not list these achievements to seek praise – rather to let you know that we are holding ourselves accountable towards action, not words, and we invite you to do the same.