4 dancers under spotlights

University of South Wales students to perform acclaimed dance in partnership with National Dance Company Wales

The University of South Wales’ inaugural graduating class of the BA Honors Dance course have teamed up with National Dance Company Wales to produce and perform Omertá by Matteo Marfoglia.

Omertá was first created by NDCWales Associate Artist Matteo Marfoglia in 2014 for Alternative Routes – an NDCWales show which supports emerging choreographers; and has since been performed all over the world. Last year in 2017 Omertá was brought back into the main touring repertoire by the national company, and is now being taught to the students at the University of South Wales to be performed as part of their graduating showcase.

Omertà is a dark and liberating piece about the role of women in Italian Mafia society. The dance tells a tale of oppression, the route to freedom and the difficulty of revealing the truth.The partnership between USW Dance and NDCWales celebrates the graduating class, and the success of the new course.

National Dance Company Wales are delighted that USW is adding to dance training opportunities in Wales by delivering this BA honours course, a qualification that young dancers until recently had to look outside of the capital to attend.

The class of 2019 will be the first year of graduates. Over the last three years they have worked with a range of national, and international artists, performing at various venues across Wales. USW deliver the course using an innovate ‘company’ model, that develops the dancers into, articulate artists and citizens.

National Dance Company Wales comment that it’s wonderful to be able to partner with such hard working and talented young dancers from Wales, who have become a valued part of Cardiff’s dance voice and scene over the last three years and that they look forward to seeing their careers progress.

I am thrilled to have the chance to learn, and perform repertoire from NDCWales as a undergraduate. After watching it in open rehearsals for the recent tour, and seeing the work onstage, I am very excited to have this opportunity.”  Graduating Student Charlotte  Perkins

We are deeply thankful to NDCWales, and Matteo for making this collaboration possible. Having the National dance company so close to our campus has been of source of inspiration, and learning for our dancers. From open rehearsal, to company class, post show talks, and workshops, NDCW has opened a window onto the many aspects of being a professional dance artist. Working with Matteo to stage Omertà will be a wonderful way to celebrate our relationship with NDCW, and our first graduating cohort.” Matthew Gough